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You are a student at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Together with your classmates, you must pass your exams, win Quidditch matches, finish schoolwork, brave forbidden places, survive awkward crushes, and fight evil monsters and dark wizards!

Using questions rather than stats, you gain bonuses on your rolls based on whether your actions align with your house values! Features four houses as playbooks, thirteen basic moves, eleven optional species moves, eight optional artifact moves, and three end of session moves.

Despite being set after the conclusion of the Harry Potter books, this game can easily be used to play in any time period.

Pages: 18, including cover page!

Update: Now available in Polish, translated by Kuba @hechlok on twitter!

Note: Harry Potter is copyrighted material and this game is therefore not for sale. This is a passion project created out of my love for the books and movies. If you want to support me, please consider buying one of my other games or supporting me on patreon!

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AuthorLitza Bronwyn
Tagsharry-potter, hogwarts, kid-friendly, PbtA, school


Hogwarts The Next Generation.pdf 2.7 MB
Hogwarts The Next Generation Basic Moves.pdf 86 kB
Hogwarts The Next Generation All Moves.pdf 286 kB
Hogwarts The Next Generation Houses.pdf 1.7 MB
Hogwarts The Next Generation Polish 140 kB

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For "Lash Out With Magic Or Might," it says "On a 10+, you deal 1 damage or inflict a condition." There is then another 10+ result where you choose two. I think this is atypo and you meant to say "on a hit" or "on a 7+."

thank you so much for the feedback! i'm working on that rn to make the options more clear!


Hi, I've prepared the Polish translation - would you agree to add it to the files? Please let me know on Twitter @hechlok


Better than Hogwarts Legacy

Hi! I was wondering, is there a fillable character sheet for your game?

The best game to play in Harry Potter universe! You've made fantastic job! The only shortcoming comparing to other Harry Potter PbtA games is lack of MC moves and deeper explanation how to run the game. Also, quidditch moves are welcome. E.g. Harry Potter: A Role-Playing Game and Witchcraft & Wizardry have it, despite being a bit worse games in general. I'm going to play The Next Generation with my friends this month. :)

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I don't know how this doesn't have more comments. What a gorgeous RPG!

So many rulebooks are dull to read, but right from page one the presentation is beautiful. Clean, but interesting overview of the game, setting, and how the game works.

I absolutely love that you have SHORT text sections after each heading. Everything is modular and concise. I'm learning rulebook design right now and this is like a masterclass.

One of my very few critiques is I don't feel like Move with Strength or Grace is very well explained. When is it needed? What does it accomplish? Why does something bad happen even on a success?

The extra props are a really neat idea, and I like how interesting and varied they are.

Speaking of neat ideas, bonuses for questions instead of stats is very cool, and fits the general theme of this being a friendly and lighthearted game suitable for kids. 

Another tiny critique is that the Time to Shine section doesn't mention that it's tied to Reputation, but honestly after reading the character sheets that becomes obvious. 

Just to sneak a last one in, I also think the main black and rainbow image doesn't quite fit the ink and papyrus aesthetic of the game, but again, pretty minor in context.

Anyway, kudos on the absolutely gorgeous game, I look forward to the first time I can run it, hopefully with a group of Hogwarts loving kiddos!

(And yes, I made an itch account just to say this)

Thanks for making this!

thank you so much!! <3